Dina K Photography | Testimonials

“I loved working with Dina! I hate being in front of a camera, and she made the process not only easy, but fun. The photos came out professional and gorgeous, and I've been thrilled with the whole experience!

Kelly D.

“Dina allows you to be completely comfortable. Nothing is forced, so the shots are relaxed and beautiful. We also had a fabulous time during the shoot.

Jan W.

“Dina is wonderful to work with! She truly captures the inner and outer beauty of her clients through her work. Can't wait to go back to the studio!

Christina K.

“Dina K. Is a truly talented professional. She not only captures images, but also captures the heart and soul of her subject.

Elaine G.

“Dina is an amazing photographer! She just knows how to capture the "me" essence and enhance it! I highly recommend Dina!

Alina A.

“Love Dina's creative imagination. I hate cliche' and things that have been done thousands of times before. Her work is usually different and original. She is amazing.

William D.

“I've never felt so secure with a photographer in a session. Her studio and the surrounding buildings give her ample space to work and are very comfortable. Her eye for detail is second only to her concern for giving the model exactly what they are looking for. Will definitely come back in the future.

Andrew T.

“Dina is able to capture the moments you don't realize are beautiful - she surprises me every time!! “

Erica M.

“Great Photographer with an out of the box point of view. Dina has the ability to capture images that tell a story, and I love that about her photos. They are artful and beautiful.”

Tina K.

“True artistry, exquisite taste, great artistic intuition!”

Davlet O.

“Dina is the best photographer, period! She did an AMAZING job on our wedding!”

Anne L.

“She's one of the best, exciting style and great to work with. If you are looking for a photographer who's a cut above-here she is: Dina K.”

Phyllis B.

“She brings out the best version on yourself!”

Tanja L.

“Dina is fantastic. Her portraits are done with great technique and show true emotions of the subject. Top class!”

Sasha D.

“Dina K Photography captures some of the most beautiful images of my daughter!”

Heather P.

“She's an amazing photographer! An asset to the Boston fashion scene!!!”

Christine T

“Dina K has done some dynamite photographs for filmmakers throughout New England and for Imagine Magazine. She rocks!”

Andrea L.

“Dina captures your personality in a unique way. She brings out the best in you.”

Michele M.

“Images look pure and real. DinaK has an amazing eye!”

Svetlana G.

“Dina is amazing. She is great at capturing a moment without even knowing that there is a camera there. Her work is truly that of a gifted artist.”

Amy h.

“I just love her work. There is perfect lighting, and all the minute details that go into great photography.”

Nasanel C.

“I've never met or seen a better photographer. She captures the divine.”

Wendy S.

“Dina is wonderful at making her subjects feel very at ease and capturing the results. Highly recommended”

Pauline F.

“She is awesome, creative, helpful, experienced, has a way with children and getting them to cooperate. :)!”

Ira K.

“She has a very sharp and artistic eye, she can see people from their best and most interesting side.”

Irina D.

“I can feel the chemistry she has with her models, the beauty she sees in them and helps to come out!”

Masha B

“Absolutely best portrait photographer I have work with.”

Maria F.

“Dina K captures every moment of every event making her subjects look the very best they can be! I know her portraits have resulted in her subjects obtaining positions in modeling, tv etc!”

Denise D.