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Actors, Models, & Musicians

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Ever wonder why certain people get more auditions?

It's because they've invested in striking photos that grab your attention.

Hair & makeup is available

Style consulting available with me or a recommended stylist

I have experience working with talent of all ages and levels of experience.

Posing techniques taught/demonstrated with each session

or call/text 617.903.8302

How you look opens up how you work.

Your headshot is truly your calling card. Let's uplevel and strategize how you're seen.

You may be more talented and more experienced than someone else, but if you don’t look the part and make the right first impression, you could lose your chance to be seen in person.

A professional headshot is a tool every talent needs to be taken seriously in the business. When you invest into quality photography, you’re showing your potential employer that you’re taking yourself seriously and are invested in your craft. It shows professionalism which is, sometimes, more important than talent...

Your headshot is truly your calling card.

Make yours unforgettable.

or call/text 617.903.8302

My clients come vary widely in age and experience level... in case you were wondering!

My clients in these portfolios made the great choice to work with me because I know what lighting and angles to get you looking your best.

Whether you're new to the business or you're looking to freshen up your look to land different opportunities, I'm here to help you level up. Don't be nervous - we coach you during the shoot where you will learn posing techniques that will be useful for years to come.


Have you always thought you were not photogenic enough?

Industry standards have changed and there is plenty of work for real-looking people out there. You don’t need supermodel looks to make it... but we’ve worked with some too!

Trust us for the perfect the lighting, professional hair & makeup, flattering angles, and posing instructions to help you make a lasting first impression.  It's my job to amplify YOUR personal spice and give you a heaping dose of self-confidence.

Empowerment & Confidence
Client Trust
Modern Approach
Creative Strategy
Intentional Planning, Posing, Lighting & Editing
Unparalleled Attention to Detail

bold photography with a red carpet touch

At Dina K Photography, I create a one-of-a-kind experience for each of my clients. Let's capture unforgettable images that uplevel and freshen up how you're seen in your industry.

or call/text 617.903.8302


Yes, I highly recommend and encourage anyone that’s signed to talk to their manager about the looks that could benefit their portfolio. Managers know your type and what books, any input from them is helpful.

If you’re just starting out and don’t know where to go, I’m happy to walk you through the process of agent selections in Boston area and mention opportunities that are best to stay away from.

Your session fee includes...
  • Session planning and consultations
  • Half or full day sitting fee
  • Styling help
  • Hair and make-up (in select packages)
  • Several outfit changes
  • Various lighting and backdrop set-ups
  • Editing
  • Website with proofs and final retouched images with marketing rights

So many photographers out there might be offering free or cheap collaborations. It's tempting, I'm sure - but it's the same as asking why should I (the photographer) invest into the best camera when I can just use my phone for my clients.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, I know exactly what agents and casting directors are looking for. I have an artistic eye to help your creative vision come to life. Remember, you are your own business, and your photos are the first thing you will be judged by. Can you afford NOT to invest in photography and miss out on opportunities and jobs?

Most likely, yes. As a mother of 2 boys and an aunt, I am fluent in anything from Baby Shark to Pokemon Go and "snapping."

I love to have a conversation with kids to learn more about them and their hobbies. I love working with children – they are usually the most honest and uninhibited in front of the camera, even the shy ones!

My packages include digital images. The amount of digitals you receive varies based on the package you select. Additional images can always be purchased separately.

Yes, I work with the most loyal, talented, and fun hair and make-up pros in the business. I'm happy to arrange their services at any shoot. Most clients benefit from having one present at the shoot to change looks, hair, touch-up as needed and make you feel your most beautiful self which, in turn, helps your confidence during the shoot. 

Download my free wardrobe guide to help decide what to wear for your next shoot.

Yes! I have you bring lots of choices (but not the whole closet) with you and we will choose,  style, and try items on before we start the shoot.

My studio has beautiful natural light (which is preferred for some acting headshots) and is equipped with all lighting necessary for any job. Depending on the assignment I can use either or both to make the most out of your shoot.

I recommend creating a "moodboard" with images that inspire you. Think about the looks/outfits you want to try out. Do your shopping in advance. Try your clothes on before coming in and make sure everything is ironed and folded neatly. Pack everything the day before so you don’t feel rushed on the day of the shoot. Make sure your nails and toes are neat and ready too! 

Practice posing and expressions in front of the mirror - just not the duck face please! 🤣
Get a good night's sleep and drink plenty of water. Stay away from alcohol the night before. Have a healthy breakfast as your energy will be needed at the shoot. Bring a good attitude, mood, and smiles with you!

Don’t try new haircuts or colors right before the shoot - as this is not the time to experiment. Be careful with tanning and spray tanning. You don’t want to look orange or have weird tan lines. 

Lots of (ironed) clothing choices, shoes, undergarments, jewelry, belts. I recommend bringing some healthy snacks to keep your energy up, your water bottle, a charger for your phone, and your favorite playlist. 

If you’re using any props/products for your business, bring those along with a laptop. 

If you’re doing your own makeup, have your makeup bag and/or hair products with your to touch up. If you’re working with our make-up/hair team – all you need is clean hair and face.
Even actors who don’t typically need makeup should bring translucent powder. You can get hot under studio lighting and may need to combat shine on your nose and forehead.
Guys who want photos with and without facial hair, should bring a shaving kit to do so mid-session.
If you wear glasses and want photos with them, bring empty frames or those that easily pop out.
Make sure to bring snacks and drinks to keep you energized and well hydrated. Phone and charger with your favorite playlist to get you in the mood.

Yes! That’s one of my specialties! I will teach you posing tricks to look slimmer or fuller, bring attention to your favorite features and help hide imperfections.

No, no, and no. Life is short, shit happens – make a shoot happen instead and we'll make sure you feel your best!

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