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Capturing the absolute best in you is what I was made to do. My life's work and the mission of Dina K Photography is to help you feel empowered and confident for your next photoshoot. Together, let's create bold, memorable photos to help you make a powerful first impression. Offering Branding, Corporate, Fashion, Headshot and Portrait Photography in Boston and beyond.



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my story

Photography is magic.

Growing up in Azerbaijan, you didn't go to the drug store to develop film. You'd do it yourself! My earliest memories of photography include spending quality time with my father developing pictures in our family's makeshift dark room.

When we came to the US, I was 13 years old. If being 13 wasn't bad enough, it was also extremely hard trying to fit in at my new school. Since I wasn't a fluent English speaker and didn't know how to dress like an American teenager, you can imagine the warm reception I got.

Even though high school was unenjoyable, it was then I was able to take my first formal class in photography.

Photos bring people together.

Photography class helped me find my place in the world. Through photos, I finally was able to connect and make some friends. Photography, like music, is a truly universal language.

The reason they say, "a photo is worth a thousand words," is because you don't need to read a photo. Visually, no effort is required. With one glance, our brain makes decisions and assumptions about what we see.

People make decisions and judge based on what they see immediately. And it’s hard to change how you feel after a bad or mediocre first impression. It's exactly why you need to be investing in a powerful, memorable first impression.

Great photos create powerful first impressions.

Powerful first impressions create connection.

Connection = more business.

When it came time to go to college, my family wanted me to become a doctor or lawyer. Instead, I followed my heart and went to MassArt and I'm so glad I did. After graduating with a degree in photography, I've been doing what I love for more than 20 years.

You can decide or not to invest in how you present yourself to the world. If you don’t invest a lot in creating a powerful image for yourself, you're choosing to face those consequences.


For more than 20 years, Dina Konovalov has been capturing bold photography with a red carpet touch. She works with a mix of entrepreneurs, brands, actors, models, musicians, celebrities, media, and publications, helping them all showcase their best side to the world. Dina feels passionately that photography is the first place you invest when it comes to projecting a powerful, memorable image.

Dina's commercial clients have included Dell, WCVB TV 5, Bloomingdales, Boston Casting, Morgan Stanley, Fairway Mortgage, Coast Productions, The Slater Foundation, 360 PR to name a few. Her fashion, event and portrait images have been gracing covers and published in The Boston Globe, POSE, Boston Common Magazine, Institute Magazine, Solis Fashion Magazine, Imagine Magazine, Shuba Magazine, Glady’s Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Fashion Kids, and many other print and web publications. Dina has also been interviewed a number of times on TV, radio, and podcasts which you can browse here.

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